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His Lordship is the foundation for all of life.

How you vote in 2024.

The swelling taxes you pay.

The way you'll love your neighbors who cheered for the Jan 6 mob. Or jeered against them.

Behemoth moguls of Disney and CNN. The Deep State and Obergefell.

Jesus is the answer. He has all authority in heaven and on earth. And when the nations confess that Christ is Lord, you get Christendom.

This no doubt raises questions. Hence, this book.

Mere Christendom by Douglas Wilson
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make america Christian again
On the eric metaxas show
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On the babylon bee
On the eric metaxas show
Dialogue with James White

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Mere Christendom

by Douglas Wilson


270 pages.
A definition and defense of mere Christendom, responses to lies about Christendom, how we've fallen from it, and a playbook on how to restore it. Pre-order now to get free shipping.

View a table of contents here.

Ships end of june. Amazon ships may 30.

get the box

The Christ is Lord Box



We are called to see Christendom whether it can be photographed or not, because Christ is Lord. To help you, this box contains:

+ One hardback signed, your playbook towards a Mere Christendom.

+ Two stickers for water bottles, truck bumpers, and the forehead of your mayor.

+ Twelve psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, for we must never enter conflict without songs like these. For your daily carry.

+ 90 days of Canon+ to Christendom-pill a friend. Access cultural insight, practical wisdom, stories like soul food, and edifying content designed to outfit you and yours for Christendom 2.0.

Paper your town

The Patrons' Box

Contact for local pricing

Do you want one box and a Christ is Lord billboard in your town? 

Contact us below so we can send you available boards and prices you'd pay to get the Christ is Lord billboard(s) in your town.

This box is for the patrons: investors, elder boards, rampant households, and cadres of 3 or 30 men of Issachar.

When a foreign army has surrounded their enemy, they paper the town to announce their victory and call for total surrender.

This is our campaign for Mere Christendom. We’re not campaigning for the election of Jesus. He’s already on the throne.

We want to help you notify your town and local leaders. We'll show you what's available. You pay for the board(s). We'll send the art.

This is not for tire kickers. It's for those who live like God don't steer parked cars.

Get a board in your town

Join the billboard dept.

The Billboard Dept. Tee


Join the Canon Press National Billboard Dept. All proceeds go to ... you guessed it ... funding more billboards.

In just one month, we're at 25 states and counting, impressing upon millions of wandering minds that Christ is Lord, every week.

Mini Billboards

The Sticker Pack


You know a spot or six that need a miniature, stickable billboard. These can go any where you can.

(5) 3” x 3” vinyl stickers
(1) 9" x 3.25" bumper sticker

for your daily carry

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs


For bringing low your local principalities and powers. Best sung together with co-heirs of Christendom.

No musical expertise required. Includes audio and sheet music.

Billboards up and coming in 50+ cities and counting. Join the nationwide effort to proclaim Christ is Lord.

Southern Pines, NC
Groton, MA
British columbia, ca
Dalton, GA
Annapolis, mD
leavenworth, KS
Taylor, tx
escondido, ca
traverse City, mi
mesa, az
denver, co
clovis, nm
lynchburg, va
waukesha, wi
richmond, va
artesia, nm
Richlands, NC
lubbock, TX
Port angeles, WA
saskatchewan, CA
lovettsville, VA
manteo, NC
boise, id

Buffalo, NY
ontario, CA
Bettendorf, IA
porto alegre, BR
Otsego, MN
Concord, NC
Chattanooga, TN
Holmdel, NJ
Boulder, CO
Battlefield, MO
Pensacola, FL
St Johns, MI
cour d’alene, ID
Georgetown, TX
O’fallon, MO
Cottage Grove, MN
Montclair, VA
Newnan, GA
Bryan, TX
Searcy, AR
Fife, wa
davenport, IA
moreno valley, ca
melissa, TX

Get a board in your town